Friday, June 8, 2012

New book! The PMP Exam Made Easy

So we recently released a new book, The PMP Exam Made Easy, as a condensed study guide to the exam itself. After seeing PMP exam guide books out there in the 500-600 page range, we realized how intimidating that could be for most folks.

The PMP Exam Made Easy is designed to be a concise, to-the-point review of the PMP exam. It's goal is not to train you to be a project manager, per se- but it is designed to educate you on PMI's view of project management in accordance with the PMBOK Guide. Amazon currently offers the book at a discount, so that might be your best bet to grab a copy! Check out the Amazon page for more details!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Self Paced PMP Course for the Masses

Have you wanted to take your PMP exam but just haven't had the time to prepare? Well fear no more- because we at PMPerfect feel your pain. We understand how hard it is to take time off work in order to sit in a 5-day PMP class. This is why we've gone above and beyond not only to offer live online classes that offer flexible schedules; but our self-paced PMP course is available when you are. And to sweeten the deal, we want to make it worth your while during your precious summer months, so check out our PMP course discount at PMPerfect!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Online PMP Classes and "Lessons Learned"

So, at PMPerfect we've been offering live online PMP classes for nearly 3 years now, and boy have we learned a lot about the pitfalls of virtual teaching. When we first started offering our PMPerfect "virtual classroom" (as we called it) our mission was to replicate the classroom experience as closely as possible.. until we learned better.

Tips to a successful online PMP class from a training company that's 'been there and done that'

Tip #1. Avoid postal mail - Sounds easy right? Well three years ago, we wanted everyone to have hardbound versions of all our PMP exam prep materials before the class started. The problem with that, you ask? Well things *do* get lost in the mail, and also it makes it difficult to support students from different geographic regions. Our solution? Three years later and we now offer a PMP study portal for all students who enroll- they can access everything from their portal and print as needed. This also saves trees, by the way.

Tip #2. Make Homework Fun - Make homework fun? What? Well we found that students simply won't complete their PMP class assignments if they are torturously boring. So we upped the ante a bit and now offer a simulation experience that is almost like the real thing. And we have a 360 degree performance reporting platform that shows *how* students are actually doing on their PMP exam assignments, which makes it waaay more interesting for class members. Overall, its kinda fun.

Tip #3. Guarantee Students will Pass - If you attend one of our PMP classes, you will pass the exam. Period. But what happens when students sign up for a class and don't attend all the sessions? We've learned that the pass rate of students goes up exponentially with the more classes they attend. We also know that sometimes life gets in the way- so with all of our classes we offer free one-on-one tutorial sessions and PMP class recordings for those who can't attend a session. We're thrilled with how that's worked out.

Ready to enroll? Head over to PMPerfect now and check out some of the incredible summer offers we have! Why do we have such amazing summer offers, you ask? Well- we know most students aren't necessarily excited to prep for the PMP exam during the warmer months, so we thought we'd sweeten the deal offer tons of great discounts :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

PMP Classes by PMPerfect Discounted for June!

Has it really been this long since we last posted? Embarrassing to say the least, especially since so much great PMP exam prep is happening over at PMPerfect! Most importantly, we are offering some amazing discounts on all June 2012 PMP classes! Even better is that every PMP class at PMPerfect is delivered entirely online!
  • Monday, June 04, 2012 Mon / Weds Evenings - Save $405
  • Monday, June 11, 2012 5-Day "Bootcamp" Class - Save $405
  • Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Tues / Thurs Evenings - Save $405
  • Saturday, June 23, 2012 Saturday Class - Save $405
To view the entire PMP class schedule, head on over to PMPerfect and take a look at some of the awesome things we include with every class!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Take Your PMP Exam

We at PMPerfect received multiple questions this weekend from users who want to know how they can register to take the real PMP Exam. Naturally, since we offer PMP practice exam services, we have a good idea of the best way to sit for these exams in "real life".

For those of you who have been doing self-study and measuring your performance via practice test runs, Prometric allows you to self register for the PMP Exam once you've been approved by PMI. So make sure you apply and submit your application to PMI well in advance. To get the most from PMI's fees, it will make sense to simply become a member, as you'll receive a discount on the exam. You will then visit the testing center and take the PMP Exam via a monitored desktop computer.

Other folks may decide that a multi-day course is the way to go for their PMP certificate. Some courses will offer an in-class PMP Exam with a live proctor. Those of you who take an in-person course may also opt to take the Prometric exam as well.

What about for PMP certifications past that of the PMP certification? CAPM certifications are offered by accredited course providers, and for Program Managers in a given field. Good luck, and please remember to visit PMPerfect for your PMP test prep needs!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

PMP Exam Practice Charts

A quick update- we pushed out an updated PMPerfect member chart to the homepage. With so many PMP test prep metrics which can be sliced and diced, its difficult to restrain ourselves from creating a dedicated "community reporting" tab. We simply don't want to clutter up the site too much, and want to keep the focus on PMP practice exams.

At the same time, its very interesting to see the ups and downs of a dynamic PMP exam community. Also interesting is how those taking the PMP exam practice tests rank in each PMBOK knowledge area!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

AJAX Technology and PMP Practice Exams

One of the primary features that sets the PMPerfect's exam prep service apart from its competitors is the exam simulator offered on the site. For nearly all of the sites we found which offered PMP practice exams, there was a general flaw with the way the actual exam simulator operated once the user signed up.

Many of the exam simulators we saw required a software download, which made us suspicious that some type of adware would be unknowingly installed on our computer. Other sites would present the entire PMP exam in a single browser window, which is not really representative of the true life PMP exam experience. And still others would simply offer a massive PDF file with a digital download of PMP practice questions; which sort of negates the whole PMP exam preparation experience.

So, being the self-proclaimed (ahem) resourceful techies that we are, we set about to develop a completely new PMP exam simulator from the ground up. Since everyone on our team had sat for the PMP exam at a major testing center, we knew exactly what types of functions the real life PMP exam provided for its users. Primarily, the PMP exam environment allows for:

· Back and forth navigation between PMP exam questions
· Marking of PMP exam questions for further review before grading
· A live timer, indicating how long until the PMP exam would be automatically submitted
· The ability to navigate back to any PMP question (marked or otherwise) prior to completing the exam

Once we began the initial specification for PMPerfect's exam simulator, we began to hit a wall. How could we reproduce these standardized exam features without forcing a software download by the user? Enter AJAX!

AJAX is a web technology that works with nearly all modern day browsers, and allows web content to load without a browser refresh. What this means, is that we would be able to control on-screen content (in this case, PMP exam questions) without the need to reload your browser every time a new question gets pulled from the PMPerfect database. After a month of prototyping the new PMP practice exams with our hip new AJAX components, we were very happy with the results. Add some tweaks here, some optimizations there, and what you have now is one of the only exam simulators on the web which works without any plugins or additional software! Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback regarding the PMP practice exam simulator, as well as the suggestions on new ways we can improve the overall experience; we'll be sure to keep everyone updated as new features are added.